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Aboriginal Organization : is a registered,secular,non-partisan,non-profit,voluntary,social service organization in India.Working mainly in Maharashtra for a common goal; to help the people to help themselves without distinction of caste and  creed.

Mission:- We investing in people,for their better life. we are committed to improve quality of life and providing excellent,equal opportunities to the people.

Vision :- Environment friendly development and social justice.

Our Aim :- development is seeking change. change in the way community thinks.change is a process,Sometimes fast sometime slow.Always affecting.Always being affected.
Goal and Achievement:- Our organization play a vital role in societal developmental initiatives and help benefits of development to reach the most bottom levels. we mostly deliver human services, promote grass-root economic development,prevent environmental degradation,protect civil rights. Our volunteer better knowledge to provide services in rural areas.They encourage the changes in attitudes of people. We make a capacity building,creative,productive phenomenon in such group like disabled,landless population. 
    It is obvious that the challenges are huge. Our NGO work on tight co-operation between people, accurate budget cost and perfect timings to achieve development ,play a crucial role in sustaining community development.This is a time when our NGO wanted to achieve big target. Our policy to maintain development continuous way. We want good and high technology excellence. Want fund flowing steadily to rolling out plans that include,making rural area dynamic hub of development. 'Responsible economic grass root  level development ' improvement effort in the long run. Our NGO strategies have tended to veer around multi-pronged action plan's couched in annual strategic policy documents. This policies deliver perfectly on short term objectives,to change development trend. We develop domestic infrastructure and improvement policy to realism the long term vision of gaining excellence achievements. Our Organization proposes that funding Agency's fix for credit who doing work any linkage. We believe on the real access base management,also need to create a single window work system for faster clearances. In Impact way tribal people make them own capacity building to competitive this modern world. They need logistic support,training program.Our Organization feel that to enhance grass root level development want modernization support.Community partnerships the small and medium way. require an up gradation training and support.Maintain time to time up gradation.  fund is essential and continuation of stimulus package. We promise of lifting India outbound. Doing well work and maintain development, improved infrastructure are the mantra for sustainable development growth. capacity building and competitive feeling is important in rural and tribal area sector. the destiny of the country is in relay on community hand.

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People are our best asset. get the best people and let them grow. let them discover potential they never thought they had.everybody talking and giving invaluable ideas.our greatest challenges of humanity are hunger,disease,climate change. We make people's mind happy way  and  make their life beautiful .


Aboriginal multiporpose organization

12/12/2009 14:47
Aboriginal multiporopse organization work espissally rural and jungle tribal area. here no communication center or proper roads. education,health,environment saving,youth progaramme is our big work. all work in the progress way.

Our chairtys present and future goal as above:-

27/04/2009 10:48
1. Set a supespeciality hospital, every treatment provied by us. 2. Set a School for handicaped children tranning them skill and hi tech technology. 3.  help widow women  provied them daily bread and butter,shelther.

charity want donation

10/02/2009 12:35
our charity name Aboriginal orgnization under project happymind want donation ,making needless person quick help For building slum poor peoples home 5 million rs. hostel for chandiaped children 4 million rs infrastructer for school and institions rs.10 million .

come join us

10/02/2009 12:34
All the worlds good mind people and emotinally soft person's can help our organization remove sorrowness and poverty from this world so join us today. God's beautiful life give them who wait your help. they give you nothing but bless and smile of their faces give you satisfaction to your mind.


Aboriginal Orgnization

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Donate Now

02/10/2010 15:18
Donate for Tribal Peoples children's education programme. And health suppliment programme